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This is a set of activities to improve emotional resilience and support the mental health of young people between 11 and 24. This programme is intended to be preventative. It is not intended as a treatment for any mental health condition, although people who are managing a mental health condition may, like anyone else, benefit from learning about ways to support their wellbeing.
The content of the programme was devised after a review of research into psychological and mental health resilience and was informed by a series of consultation events with young people.
The activities were devised in a series of workshops with 18 young people and 7 youth practitioners from Lambeth in South London who co-produced the learning resources. The ethnicity of this group was diverse but mainly Black British young people from African, Afro-Caribbean or Dual Heritage backgrounds.

You can download the whole pack or individual activities by clicking on the titles. The Cover pages contain a brief background and the Contents page provides an overall guide.

00 Stronger Minds Complete Pack

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A great deal of research has been done on motivation. People who are motivated are more resilient than people who are not. People who are motivated in one area of their lives are likely to be more motivated generally. Motivation can originate internally or externally, but if it is derived from a commitment to a genuine concern or interest, it has also been linked to a healthier and more fulfilling life. People who have suffered a severe trauma can find relief in distraction or in the worst of circumstances, a reason to keep going if they have a motivation.

04 Ikigai Activity Plan

05 Ikigai Map

06 Kigoma Questions for Ikigai

07 Planning for a Positive Future Activity Plan

08 Planning for a Positive Future

09 Planning for a Positive Future Planning Sheet

10 Snakes and Ladders Activity Plan

11 Snakes and Ladders Game

12 Snakes and Ladders Risk Assessment T

13 Snakes and Ladders Quesitons

14 Faith, Religion and Spirituality Chapter Cover

15 Listening Exercise Activity Plan

16 Listening Exercise Information Sheet

17 Gratitude Activity Plan

18 Gratitude Activity Prompts

19 Gratitude and Wellbeing Fact Sheet

20 Managing Emotions Chapter Cover

21 Problem Solving Activity Plan

22 Problem Solving Scenarios

23 – 26 Problem Solving Managing Emotions Top Tips

27 Quiz Activity Plan

28 – 29 Quiz – What’s the Story

30 Outside In Activity Plan

31 Rainbows of Emotions Activity Plan

32 Relationships Cover

33 Image Captions Activity Plan

34 Image Captions Printed Images

35 Case Study Activity Plan

36 Case Study

37 Curate Yourself Activity Plan

38 Curate Yourself T Sheet

39 Curate Yourself Questions

40 Relationship Qualities Activity Plan

41 Relationship Qualities Words

42 Relationship Qualities Circles of Familiarity

43 Relationship Warning Signs Activity Plan

44 Relationship Warning Signs Cards

46 Things About My Relationship

47 Physical Health Chapter Cover

48 Health Quiz Activity Plan

49 Questions about your Physical Health

50 Wheel of Life

51 The-Eatwell-Guide-2016

52 Activity Guide Children and Young People-5-18