Free Training

At Alford House Youth Club in North Lambeth we are enrolling for the final five sessions of free training in the Stronger Minds Programme for Mental Health Resilience.

The programme was developed by a partnership of Lambeth voluntary sector organisations and local young people. Stronger Minds builds on evidence-based theories and techniques and is informed by local knowledge of specific issues for young people in Lambeth.

 The Stronger minds resource pack is available here at

Dates and Times:

The training sessions run on Mondays 4pm – 6pm

4th November – 2nd December.

If you would like to book a place on this training, please email:

With your name, contact details including phone number and occupation.

Further enquiries phone Clare on 07944 562 747

or Alford House on 020 7735 1519


  4pm to 6pm Monday 4 November Tuesday 11 November Wednesday 18 November Thursday 25 November Friday 2 December
  Content and Themes   Introduction and background to theories and research into mental health resilience.   Activities from “Motivation”       The Positive Psychology movement       Activities from “Faith religion and Spirituality”   Using group dynamics           Activities from “Managing Emotions”   The importance of self awareness. Theories of change.         Activities from “Relationships”   Listening and user led sessions. Research about young people and learning     Activities from “Physical Health”
  Learning Outcomes: Each of these sessions will explore ways of using the Stronger Minds Resources with young people in groups or 1 to 1.   Insight into the challenge of applying knowledge to our lives and changing our behaviour. Knowledge of the impact and limitations of positive psychology theories such as optimism and learned helplessness.   Insight into the recurring patterns of behaviour in groups, especially young people, and how we can use this to reinforce prosocial attitudes.   Understanding how the history of research impacts the content of the evidence base and the implications of this for our practice.   Understanding of the latest research into how deprivation affects the way young people learn. Knowledge of a range of sources of learning support for physical health.

After the training, you will have a richer understanding of five themes of mental health resilience & feel confident adapting the tool kit both ‘in the moment’ and in planning sessions for young people with specific needs.

Who should attend : 

  • Youth Workers
  • Youth Advisors
  • Family Support Workers
  • Social workers
  • CAMHS Professionals
  • Counsellors working with young people 
  • School Teachers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pastoral Leads in schools Colleges & Universities
  • Faith Groups


 The Stronger Minds Programme was produced in  2013 as a collaboration between organisations working with young people: Alford House, The Resilience Foundry, St Michael’s Fellowship, Rathbone and Beyond the Classroom,  funded by the NHS. Over six months, young people in Lambeth and youth practitioners co-produced a toolkit of five sections which you can download for free at :

Please email  to enrol or phone 07944 562 747 for information.