The key Themes


Most research agrees that there are a range of factors that contribute to psychological well being and resilience.  This list is neither comprehensive or conclusive but could be used as a guide to areas of life that can be developed to improve resilience.  For example, faith and spirituality are just not an option in the lives of many people who identify as atheists, no matter how beneficial this can be seen to be.  However there are other areas that have the potential to be just as beneficial and equally, it is possible to identify some of the advantages provided by faith and spirituality (such as membership of a community via a faith group) which can be transferred into the lifestyle of and atheist or agnostic.

For the purpose of this website I have called these factors “themes”.  It was difficult to settle on a term but I wanted a word that would capture something which exists in it’s own right but can also be changed and possibly improved in combination.

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